Why My Brand’s Facebook Page is Reaching Fewer People, and What I am Doing About it


Did I Waste Months of Time and Effort on My Facebook Page?

I have spent a lot of time trying to get likes on my Etsy Shops’ Facebook Pages. I have put effort into crafting posts, highlighting my new product listings, posting inspirational thought and images, and sharing photos of my materials and my creative process when I am designing my products. Keeping up with this kind of social media on a regular schedule for multiple brands can get tiring, but I do it because I want to create a place where fans can connect with me and my designs.


I think that everyone who creates a brand or product page hopes that their products and brand will get shared and exposure to them will be multiplied as friends tell other friend. But that is just not the case. I recently learned that Facebook is in the process of  lowering the Organic Reach of pages down to 1-2 percent.


This means that for every 100 fans I have, only 1 or 2 people will get my status updates in their news feed. This also means that the chances of my posts being read or shared is nearly zero unless my fans visit my brand’s page specifically. This is pretty depressing, when I consider all of the time I have spent creating content to share and making sure I am posting regularly. Most of my pages have fewer than 100 likes, so one person’s news feed is all I have the hope of reaching.


This move will  have a sweeping impact on big brands that have millions of fans on Facebook as well as local companies that have worked hard with limited resources to develop small fan bases. According to an article on socialtimes.com, “The new reality on Facebook is that 99 out of 100 Fans will never see your (unpromoted) Posts. And it may actually be worse: Facebook says that users are exposed to about 1,500 potential pieces of content per 20-minute session. So the quality of the exposure to your brand Post is potentially quite low. This may be shocking, but shouldn’t be. The situation for brand Pages has been dire for quite a long time.”


What I Decided To Do About It

I am a very small local company, and it occurred to me, that since my fan base is so small to begin with, I could try to bring all of my Page Fans over into a Group instead. Members of a Facebook group receive all group updates and posts. Group members also tend to be much more engaged than Page Fans are, and are more likely to comment, share and like posts.


A Good Strategy for Small Brands Who Don’t Have The Budget To Pay Facebook to Boost Posts

According to an article on readwrite.com, “One way Facebook makes money is through a form of advertising where it charges Page owners to boost the reach of their posts beyond the “organic” reach arrived at by Facebook’s algorithm.” and, “Facebook says the best way to ensure a broad audience is viewing your posts is to buy advertisements. Pages can buy ads by reach, and advertisers can target specific demographics to view posts.“Like many mediums, if businesses want to make sure that people see their content, the best strategy is, and always has been, paid advertising,” the spokesperson said. However, there is some controversy over the accuracy of advertising metrics and the returns advertisers see from such campaigns.”

I think that creating a Group can improve how many people your small brand can reach, despite having little or no advertising budget.

Why You May Want To Keep Your Page As Well

I recommend keeping your page and administering a Group alongside it if these four things are important to you:
1. If you want to measure metrics and stats: Groups do not have the same analytic tools that Pages do.
2. Selling on your Page: You are locked into a set of applications in a Facebook group (posting to the wall, posting photos, adding videos) however, you can create new applications for your Facebook page (such as allowing customers to buy products).
3. Setting up Events: There is also an events application for Facebook pages that may make your page something you want to keep.
4. Shared posts have additional reach: When your fans take action on your page, such as writing on your wall or posting a video, their actions will be documented on the news feeds of their personal pages. Their friends could see the news feeds and check out your organization. You will not get that benefit from groups as often, though it can sometimes happen.

What strategies will work in the future of Social Media?

I have not converted my Pages to Groups yet. I will test the theory out and report back if I have any success with this idea. Meanwhile, let me know in the comment if you have any strategies to increase your reach on Facebook!




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